“Sydney Harbor Cruise” – a video blog

Explore Sydney on a boat cruise!

How to get a first look at a large city quickly and comfortably? Chicago, New York, Toronto, Paris, London – all these cities are by the water and boat cruises are popular way to explore them. So when we had a few hours to kill at Sydney on our way to Adelaide, such an excursion was an easy choice. Check out the video blog below to explore Sydney and its iconic landmarks!

A Brief Tour of Salzburg – The Birthplace of Mozart

A video blog of our brief tour of Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria. The historic city center (Altstadt) is internationally renowned for its baroque architecture and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Salzburg is also the birthplace of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The video blog below is a brief tour of Salzburg during the summer of 2018.

Salzburg is located in the picturesque Austrian Alps. It is a short train ride away from major cities like Vienna or Munich. The historic center is just 10-15 min pleasant walk from the train station. You can grab a quick lunch on the way in several street side cafe or restaurants.

The historic city center is a well preserved testament to 18th century Baroque architecture, dotted with beautiful gardens and fountains.

Another major attraction is Mozart’s house which is now a museum. You can find a good collection of memorabilia here from Mozart’s early years.

A short walk from Mozart’s house brings us to the bridge connecting the two sides of Salzburg. A stunning view of the fort and the town from the bridge is a must see!

We enjoyed Salzburg and hope you get to visit it soon as well!

Munich, Bavaria – An introduction

A short video introduction of Munich, gateway to Bavaria

In the summer of 2018, we arrived in Munich from Paris to embark on a tour of Bavaria. We took a guided tour through Viator (Trip Advisor) . The above video clip is an entertaining short introduction to Munich. See my other Blogs of Germany to see where we headed next! Bon Voyage !

Mexico Cruise 2017 – Carnival Fantasy

Video blog of our trip to Cozumel

We took the Carnival Fantasy on a memorable cruise to Cozumel, Mexico on January 2017. It was the largest vacationing group we had in a cruise so far with myself, my wife, all 5 of our kids and my Dad.

The video blog above details our experience at the wonderful Carnival Fantasy. We left from Mobile, Alabama and reached Cozumel a day and a half later.

Hope you enjoy the tour of the ship in the video!

Nassau, Bahamas

Video blog of our trip to Nassau in 2012

We took a trip to Nassau during a carnival cruise to the Bahamas. This was our first time in the island.

Most cruise ships offer a guided excursion in Nassau. You can also do your own short tour of downtown Nassau which is just few minutes walk from the cruise port. Hope you enjoy the video clip!