Pisa is a town in Tuscany region of Italy, famous for it’s leaning tower. Galileo, the famous scientist, was born here.

We arrived in Pisa as part of a day long guided tour through Tuscany. The historic site of Pisa is a UNESCO world heritage site and is relatively small enough to be explored in 2-3 hours. Just keep in mind, if you climb the leaning tower, it may take a while to get up and come down.

The leaning tower is truly a work of historic marvel. Be prepared to take the famous leaning tower shot! You can see an example in the pics below.

Couple of items of caution to remember. If possible, keep your valuable belonging in the tour bus or locker as the area is known for pickpockets. Also, being a small town, there are not many international chains. The only McDonald’s there was overcrowded and struggle to handle the volume of tourists. Your best bet would be to try an Italian restaurant near the heritage site.

The main historic site and adjoining shops are quiet safe for exploring and filled with friendly locals.

Below is a clip of our Pisa Tour. Hope you enjoy!

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