We Went to EPCOT

My first Summer vacation in America was in EPCOT. It’s not to say that I haven’t been in any Summer vacation before, this was just different because of the location. I was fresh off the boat from the Philippines to be with my family. I arrived in US by the start of Summer and my birthday was in the middle of it, so my parents decided to spend it in the most magical place in the world, Disney World. It was a fun experience! A lot of walking, sightseeing, and shockingly some of it was an educational experience. It was worth the sweat, walking, and waiting in line if you came for the experience.Epcot has 11 Pavilions showcasing the 11 Countries that tries and replicate the feeling of being in the country. Six of the countries were more memorable to me compared to the others. Some of the countries just had more lines, while the others we couldn’t appreciate more because we were too tired to walk and sight see. I remember being in the France pavilion, and my mother went to a perfume shop and tried on some of the perfumes. I on the other hand saw Alice from Alice in Wonderland and was so excited that I wanted to go get a picture with her but turns out you must pay to get one. Money that I didn’t want to spend, because I wanted to go check out one of the pastry shops for breakfast. Then we went to Canada! I liked Canada because we went into an air conditioned building and did the sightseeing there. We were mostly just standing and watched Martin Short tell us fun facts about Canada. I just liked the fact that I was under the shade and it wasn’t hot. My Dad was pretty excited for America. We watched a play (if my memory serves me right), and I fell asleep in the middle of it. The songs were pretty relaxing! We had lunch in Mexico and rode a boat ride. I was excited for Japan, but everyone was too full and tired to go any further, so I just went into a gift shop where I didn’t buy anything. They were too expensive in my opinion. We finished in China where we watched acrobats put on a show there. We finished the night watching the fireworks in China. The whole experience was pretty fun, and I would definitely want to visit EPCOT again with people the same age as me, so that they won’t get cranky early on in the sightseeing.Overall, I liked EPCOT and it was fun. I loved France’s pastry shop, Canada is a great place to go for shade and ac, America was relaxing, Mexico had good food, Japan was overrated, and China had good acrobats. I would definitely want to come back, but with a different group. I am serious when I say, “bring your friends!” You’ll have more fun at theme parks with people in the same age range as you.

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