Bon Dia, Barcelona

We arrived in Barcelona (El Prat) Airport two hours late- messing up our plans for the rest of the day! These things you have to consider when you have already planned something for that day. The best thing to do is NOT to plan anything the day you are arriving from an International flight (which you don’t know if it’s going to be delayed) especially if this is your first time to a city that you think you know from hours and hours of looking at google map! There are a few things to consider when you’re doing this on your own:

  1. Know some phrases and words to get your message across. Remember- in Barcelona, Latin Spanish may get you through- but at the end of the day, their Spanish is different than yours.
  2. Know where the Information Kiosk ahead of time IF YOU CAN, ask in forums, post in Travelocity- do your homework. Believe me, it will save to 10- 30 minutes of walking all over the airport!
  3. Know where your hotel is FROM the bus, the train or the stop you’re going to walk from. Look it up in google map, in Bing- whatever you use. Picture it in your mind, picture you walking through it. If you can’t memorize the streets, its crossroads etc., print it. Make sure you have an idea of your North, South, East and West! You do not want to waste time going around in circle or worst of all getting lost in the middle of a neighborhood you don’t know about.
  4. Don’t rely on your friend that tells you, “Yea, in Europe, everywhere you go there is a Wi-Fi!” Bring your extra phone (this will be another topic), or a phone which will take a sim card and buy a sim card at the airport that will work in Europe. So even if you get lost, you can call your hotel and ask them how to get to them, don’t worry- they speak English.

Our hotel was well situated, we made sure it was accessible through public transportation. It was about 5 minutes’ walk to the train and the bus. It was about 5 miles to the Port where we embark for the cruise, so if we decide to take the taxi to the port it will not be too expensive. It was about 10 miles to the Airport, not bad. It was a very nice and hip hotel.

An Advise:

  • Make sure you bring a proper converter, or a European plug for your electronics. Some hotel only have ONE plug on the wall, but most of them now has a lot more. They have dryers, if not- ask the desk for one. Most of the time they have one.

Because of the two hours delay from the plane and the Airport, we could not go to the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona. We planned to visit it that afternoon but by the time we came to the hotel it was already about 6 pm. We could have risked and went because they closed at 6:30 in spring and summer, but I was very tired and very sleepy so we decided to skip it. And beside we had a flight to London early the next day so we just decided to take it easy.

An Advise:

  • Make sure you don’t have to worry or spend more than 15 minutes on your hair, or hairstyle. If you think you will- get a haircut! I know it’s harsh- but you’re here in Europe to enjoy yourself not to worry about your hairdo. Live a little, nobody knows you here, if your hair is presentable and not messy, it’s ok… mind you, UK and most of the European countries are windy a lot of times, so your hair is going to be messed up anyway. Put it in a bun- or cut it short (I dare you…). We will talk about the dress code later.

Or hotel was just walking distance to a mall. We decided to walk there and look for a place to sit down and have dinner. Outside was not much, I mean we were in the commercial area, about halfway from the the Airport to main Barcelona downtown. We got inside and I felt I have been transported to one of the Las Vegas building. It gold colored all around, lots of large chandeliers and even their trash cans were stylish!  Anyways, I told myself we’re here for dinner. I wanted to eat something Spanish- the least. LOL! We walked around a bit then we found a place that was serving Tapas- 5 sets of servings for 2 people for about 25 Euros. Wow! What a treat.

First picture of Tapas (Calamaris, Grilled vegetables and Potato with cheese)
Some more tapas
The main course - which we could not finish. Eggs and potatoes with cheese and some hamon on top

 We were so full afterwards, and did not get to finish the 5th serving. It was funny because I was expecting the waiter to give us the check, and my husband was asking me- “Are we suppose to go and tell them that we’re done?” They let you take your time, as long as you want! It is just the way it is. Over here in the US, especially on a busy day, they will give you the check with your food! It was over all a very good experience…I wish we could have had more time in Barcelona, oh well…we are going back again, that is for sure! 

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