Antibes – Serenity in Riviera

Antibes is a quiet seaside town in the French Riviera. Due to its close proximity to Nice, the largest city in French Riviera, access to Antibes is available via local train, bus or car. However, if you plan to visit multiple places near Nice on a day trip, driving is recommended.

Parking garage in Antibes City center exits to a nice plaza

Antibes is a beautiful city. Walking to the old downtown is easy and makes for excellent views.

Fall (September-October) is off-season in Antibes and ideal for a lazy stroll
Walking through the narrow streets with shops and eateries lined up on both sides is a treat!

Antibes features both standard French cuisine as well as local specials focusing on fresh seafood and produce from Provence. Scenic restaurants can be found around the port of Antibes, in the old town, and in Juan les Pins.

The covered market of Antibes is a great place to find fresh produce and other food items
A narrow house and street by the food market
The streets near Picasso Museum gracefully descends by the seaside catwalk
The Picasso Museum and the church next door are part of key Attractions
This sculpture is placed on the seaside street right outside Picasso Museum

The Cap d’Antibes is the break between the Bay of Cannes to the south-west and the Baie des Anges to the north east. Old Antibes and the port of Antibes are on the mainland on the side facing the Baie des Anges, while Juan les Pins is on the Cannes side and the magnificent Fort CarrĂ© lies between the port of Antibes and the rest of the Baie des Anges.

The Port of Antibes is a lovely walk few minutes from Picasso Museum
From the marina walk, we can see the bay stretched all the way from Antibes, Cannes, Nice into Villefranche

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