Saint-Tropez is a French Riviera town 42 miles west of Nice and 62 miles east of Marseilles in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region of Southern France. The port, famous for its many yachts, provides a scenic view of nearby towns and villages adjacent to Gulf of Saint-Tropez including the city of Saint-Maxim.

Getting into Saint Tropez: Driving from Nice, Marseilles or other major Riviera cities is fairly simple on the A8. Once you exit from A8, a scenic mountain drive takes you to Saint Maxim where traffic can be busy depending on time of the day. From there Saint Tropez is about 20-30 mins drive. There is a large parking at the border of the town with a great view of the gulf.

We drove from Nice early morning and parked by 9am by the seaside. By 10am the lot started filling up!

Another way to get in the town is by a ferry boat from other big towns along the French Riviera, such as Cannes, Golfe-Juan, Nice and more.

There is a ferry ship from Sainte-Maxime to Saint-Tropez, which floats in the summer on regular basis.

Exploring Saint Tropez: A 10 mins walk from the parking lot to the center of the town gives you a great view of the luxury yachts that you can walk right up to and the crystal clear water below with fishes swimming.

Near the western end of the main harbor area is L’Annonciade museum. It has a good collection of post-Impressionist and other early 20th Century art by Matisse, Dufy, Bonnard and other early modern masters.

Glenda at entrance of L’Annonciade with a great view of the harbor
Reaching Saint Tropez early morning helps enjoying a nice walk by the harbor before tourist crowd arrive
The waterfront is crowded with cafes and shops
We had a delicious continental breakfast at la Gorille

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