Castles In Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is one of the most visited region in Germany and renowned for it’s historic castles. This blog introduces the reader to some of these popular attractions in the region. Start with brief video clip below highlighting the castles of Ludwig II, the last king of Bavaria.

A brief intro to castles in Southern Germany

The gateway to Bavaria is Munich, Germany. It’s the largest city in the region with many international and regional connection via Air, Train and roads. The headquarters of BMW and an I.T. and industrial hub in Southern Germany, Munich is also popular starting point to many tours to attractions in Bavaria.

Next we head to Linderhof, Bavaria where the private residence of King Ludwig is now a popular museum.

After Linderhof, our tour takes us through picturesque rural Bavaria where the Grimms brothers fairytale stories originated from.

Finally, we arrive in the most popular tourist destination in Germany – the Neuschwanstein castle of King Ludwig II. The King died under mysterious circumstances while the castle was still under construction. The below music video is a tribute to this tragedy. The castle is the inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella castle located in Magic kingdom theme park in Florida, USA.

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