Rheinfelden, Switzerland – Serene and Picturesque

A video blog of our stay by the river Rhine

Rheinfelden is a small picturesque town in Switzerland bordering Germany. The name means the fields of the Rhine river. It is home to Feldschlösschen, the most popular beer in Switzerland.

The video clip below are highlights of our weekend stay at the town one summer.

The town is across the river from Rheinfelden in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The two towns are joined by a bridge over the river. They were politically separated when Napoleon Bonaparte fixed the German–Swiss border on the Rhine in 1802 and are still socially and economically tied.

Basel, Switzerland

In the middle of nowhere, close to everywhere!

Imagine a place, where you walk across a bridge to go from Switzerland to Germany. Rent a bike and ride across town into France. Take an hour or less train ride to Zurich, the snowy Alps or tiny country of Lichtenstein. A 2-3h train trip could get you to Luxembourg or Milan, Italy!

In the summer of 2018, we discovered such a destination in the city of Basel, Switzerland and its nearby picturesque villages by the Rhein river.

We arrived in Basel in a regional Lufthansa aircraft from Frankfurt, Germany on a short 45 min trip.

Basel Airport is relatively small. Our next stop was a 4h train ride to Paris. So we took the local bus from the airport to Basel SBB station. Below is a short video clip and some images of a first look at Basel.

The Basel SBB station is an ideal pit stop to freshen up, grab a bite or do some shopping before heading to your next destination – which in our case was Paris. If in any doubt, you can always check with the friendly customer service staff at the upper lobby.

Long distance train services between Switzerland and France are frequent and comfortable in both 1st and 2nd class. Most trains offer free wifi for your devices to stay connected online.

If you are staying in and around Basel, the picturesque Swiss and German villages by the Rhein river are only 15-20 mins ride in local train.

We stayed in one such place called Rheinfelden at the border of Switzerland and Germany. Below are few pictures of this beautiful sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere but close to everywhere!

Oberammargau, Fairytale Bavaria

A fairytale town in the middle of Bavaria

Oberammergau is a small town in Bavaria, Germany known for its 350 year old tradition of Passion plays. It is also famous for woodcarvings like the Grimm fairytales of ‘Hansel and Grettel’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood ‘ . We visited the picturesque town in summer of 2018 on a bus tour from Munich. Below is a photo tour of Oberammergau .

Munich, Bavaria – An introduction

A short video introduction of Munich, gateway to Bavaria

In the summer of 2018, we arrived in Munich from Paris to embark on a tour of Bavaria. We took a guided tour through Viator (Trip Advisor) . The above video clip is an entertaining short introduction to Munich. See my other Blogs of Germany to see where we headed next! Bon Voyage !

Linderhof Castle, Bavaria

Picturesque Linderhof Castle in magical Bavaria

Linderhof Palace is a small castle in southwest Bavaria, Germany. It is the smallest of the three “fairy tale” castle built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in late 19th century and the only one completed in his lifetime.

The castle and it’s gardens were inspired by the great French King Louis the XIV and his great palace of Versailles. Just like Versailles, a fountain show takes place at certain times of the day.

We arrived in Linderhof from Munich via bus on a day trip around Bavaria. It is a perfect place to start your exploration of scenic Southern Bavaria.

The tour of the castle itself is only about 45 mins as it was King Ludwig’s private residence where he didn’t expect any guest! However there is plenty to see in the gardens in and around the castle building.

We were not allowed to take video or pics inside, but below is a small photo gallery of our exploration of Linderhof. Watch the video at top of the blog to get a more detail idea of the castles surrounding.

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