Travel – Best of Europe

Travel 50+ sites in Europe in this playlist!

This video blog series is a trip across Europe compiled over a few years. It is also a roadmap for travelling all these sites in a single trip if you have 4-6 weeks available. For details on preparation and a suggested itinerary for such a trip check out this blog .

Places to visit

Eastern Europe and The Alps: We start in Budapest, Hungary and head west visiting Vienna and Salzburg in Austria. Then we travel to Southern Alps visiting Munich, Linderhof and Newscheinstein in picturesque Bavaria, Germany. We then turn North across the Alps to Switzerland visiting Zurich, Basel and the picturesque Rhine river village of Rheinfelden.

Italy: Next we head south to Northern Italy visiting lake Como and Milan before reaching historic Venice by the Adriatic sea. We then crisscross across Italy visiting Florence, Siena, San Giminano and Pisa in sunny Tuscany. Our Italian tour continues west through Genoa and Savona and into Ventigmilia of the Italian Riviera.

Riviera and Provence: Moving onto the French Riviera we visit Nice, Eze, Villafranca and Monaco. Driving further west we explore beautiful French villages and towns of Lacoste, Cavallion, Arles and Avignon ending up in the port city of Marseilles.

Iberia: Their we embark on a cruise exploring the Mediterranean including Barcelona, Spain! Heading deeper into Spain we explore Madrid and the Andalusian cities and villages of Seville, Zahara, Grazalema and Ronda.

Northern Europe: We then fly north to romantic Paris and royal Versailles before ending our journey in London, England!

The video blog

Linderhof Castle, Bavaria

Picturesque Linderhof Castle in magical Bavaria

Linderhof Palace is a small castle in southwest Bavaria, Germany. It is the smallest of the three “fairy tale” castle built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in late 19th century and the only one completed in his lifetime.

The castle and it’s gardens were inspired by the great French King Louis the XIV and his great palace of Versailles. Just like Versailles, a fountain show takes place at certain times of the day.

We arrived in Linderhof from Munich via bus on a day trip around Bavaria. It is a perfect place to start your exploration of scenic Southern Bavaria.

The tour of the castle itself is only about 45 mins as it was King Ludwig’s private residence where he didn’t expect any guest! However there is plenty to see in the gardens in and around the castle building.

We were not allowed to take video or pics inside, but below is a small photo gallery of our exploration of Linderhof. Watch the video at top of the blog to get a more detail idea of the castles surrounding.

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